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Mukti | মুক্তি | Bengali Full Movie | Rituparna | Rajdeep Gupta | Anupam Roy | Full HD | Subtitled

Written and Direction By Reshmi Mitra
Art Direction By Nafisa
Cinematography By Sirsha Ray
Choreography By Sudarshan Chakraborty
Sound Designing By Shomi Chatterjee
Editing By Sujay Dutta Ray

Lyrics By Srijato
Music By Raja Narayan Deb
Playback Singing By Anupam Roy, Ustad Rashid Khan, Sraboni Sen and Zeenia Deb

Leading Starcast By Rituparna Sengupta, Rajdeep Gupta, Shilajit Majumdar, Monami Ghosh, Sreela Majumdar, Ratna Ghoshal, Dolon Roy, Joyjeet Banerjee and others.

After a long struggle when Nayanika recieved the rights to stay in her bungalow, she discovered that she is not far away from her self declared freedom(Mukti). Standing among the hilly scenic beauty of Sikkim, she observed herself sorrounded by her old pale black and white memories. But now the memories are not pulling herself from the back. Now Nayanika is the insignia of woman power, a proud lady with the joy of self respect and freedom.
Sukalyan Mukherjee becomes an established scriptwriter and director from an ordinary story writer with the help of Ronita. But when he was more into the limelight, reciprocally, Nayanika was falling into the darkness of her lonely world. At the end part Sukalyan was accused as an emotional blackmailer and rapist.
In spite of all the amenities Nayanika spends a deadly life.
By profession Nayanika was a teacher of a school where she found Arko, a student of eleventh standard. He was very shy and introvert boy, due to his personal disturbed life.
Gradually Nayanika and Arko became very good friend which leads to a life she was longing for. Age becomes no barrier for their mental as well as physical relations. One fine day Oyeshi, a friend of Arko came and snatched him from Nayanika’s life.
Now, Nayanika proves, a woman is not only a daughter, a mother or someone else’s wife. A woman is a complete human being. She has the freedom of self respect through her silent struggle.

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